• Your Own Private Branded Online Education Portal

    Simple to Set Up and Administer In-House by your Non-Technical Personnel

  • Deliver Consistent Standardized Measurable Education to your Personnel and Customers

    Create your learning modules… Load to Website… Deliver on demand

  • Connect Your Personnel and Customers in a Vibrant Online Education Community

    Innovative social networking features facilitate effective group learning

PRESENT Mentor is a simple to set up and use online Enterprise Learning Management System that employs social networking to enhance the education experience. By facilitating the formation of relationships between your personnel and customers surrounding an education system, you greatly improve the spread of high quality, standardized information about your products or services. In 2 weeks, your company can have its own private branded education system up and running, serving the education needs of all of your personnel and customers.

Deliver Classes Easily to your Personnel and Customers

PRESENT Mentor provides a turnkey standardized online education platform for your company. Following the university format of Courses and Classes, organization of your online education program is a breeze. Designed to be simple enough for non-programmers to setup and administer, you gain complete control of what your personnel and customers learn about your product and services. The result is an effortless, enriching learning environment. Upon completing each class module, members may print the completion certificates that they earn instantly.

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Connect those with Questions and Answers, Get Them Talking

PRESENT Mentor facilitates both formal and informal learning. The built in social networking features facilitate widely distributed communities of thought in which teachers and learners connect easily and collaborate in a frictionless manner. Support the easy and efficient advancement of ideas in your organization. Help move the pace of learning forward at an unprecedented pace using Mentor's online collaboration tools.

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Create a Peer Network among Your Personnel and Customers

PRESENT Mentor is among the 1st services to bring an easy to administer online education platform with social networking features to companies like yours. Members use the guided Profile Wizard to fill out their online Professional Profile and keep it updated. Based on the information they provide, the site offers them connections with other members who share their background, training, experiences and product usage. The Professional Profile is the basis for forming communities of learning on PRESENT Mentor sites.

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Simple to Administer

  • Simple organization – content grouped in Courses and Classes
  • Simple to maintain member database
  • Membership enrollment that is Public or Private
  • Classes may contain a great variety of content – Video, PDFs and any digital file, structured lecture recordings
  • Mentor Class Completion Wizard – Pre-test, Lecture View, Post-test, Certificate (arrow) Outcome Studies
  • PDF based certificate issuance, tracking on site
  • Simple administration control
  • Extensive interactive emailing from site to member
  • API extensibility

eTalk Blog Format Forum

  • Topics and Comments structure
  • New Topic and Add Comments dialog box including Images, Links and Formatting of posts
  • Email notices sent to participants and subscribers to Topic
  • Standard blog Share Links( Facebook, Twitter, Google)
  • Image Galleries – Personal Photo Gallery, Site wide Photo Gallery

Colleague Matching System

  • Member profiles are compared and strongest matches are offered to member
  • Matches can be compared using any custom member profile field
  • Members may send invitations to become Colleagues with their matches.
  • Email notification system for Colleague request, Class completion, and eTalk activity

eZine / Email Broadcasting

  • eZines are archived and organized on site
  • eZine creation and broadcasting to members available as a premium service

Custom Member Home Pages

  • Member selectable communications from site
  • Summary of Member activity in eTalk and Class sections
  • Site Information Announcement Panel
  • My Favorites: Class bookmarking

Site Wide Search

  • Robust fast search, search word highlighted in results
  • Filters by section (Members, Classes, eTalk, eZines)
  • Subsearches to narrow large groups of search hits

Instant Messaging

  • See which fellow class members are logged into site
  • Send Instant Messages to individuals and groups of them


  • Landing Page

  • User Custom Homepage

  • Course Directory

  • Course description

  • Admin Course Outline

  • Admin Class Content

  • Admin Dashboard

  • eTalk Forum


The PRESENT Mentor Learning Management System is provided via annual licensing. There is no limit to how many users you may enroll or how many classes you may build for them to use. Web hosting, phone support, and initial set up is included in the annual licensing fee.