Simple Creation of Effective
Online Education

Bring the best teachers in your company or industry to your personnel and customers…why put teachers or students on a plane to get them together? Control the education in house, standardize it, keep it consistent, so that you know what each learner learns.

Convenient Learning for your
Personnel and Customers

Browse through our variety of Lectures and select the one you like. Complete the straight forward three-step guided process: Pre-test, View Lecture, and Post-Test. Get your Certificate...yep, it's that simple.

Class Completion is a
Simple Guided Process

Your personnel and customers browse through your curriculum of classes and select the one they need. They then complete the simple guided process: a class is typically set up with a Pre-test, education content consisting of videos, structured online multimedia presentations, PDFs and other documents, followed by a Post-Test. Completion certificates are delivered instantly...yep, it's that simple.